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Dance the Cha Cha is on the iTunes App Store World Wide! You can download Dance the Cha Cha and learn to Dance Cha Cha on your iPhone or iPad for FREE! So get Dance the Cha Cha on your device now to take advantage of this amazing deal, available for a limited time only :-)



Dance the Cha Cha Video Introduction

Dance the Cha Cha’s Video Introduction displaying the HD Quality Video with creator Justin Moulton and his beautiful partner...

Dance the Cha Cha hits the Front Page!

Dance the Cha Cha hits the Front Page of the Leader Newspaper! Creator Justin Moulton with his beautiful dance...

Learn to Dance the Cha Cha Cha!

Dance the Cha Cha has 54 Individual Video Tutorials in HD Quality for your iPhone or iPad. Learn Leader's Foot Positions, Follower's Foot Positions, Technical Tips and watch a demonstration to music for each step.
Not only can you watch each step in HD Quality, but you can also read through an extensive collection of Written Cha Cha Theory. All Steps are documented in clear format to enable those who learn better from reading to Dance the Cha Cha.
Dance the Cha Cha has a list of songs for you to know which mainstream music is of a Cha Cha Tempo. Plus, we have supplied 4 tracks that you can play from inside the application itself.
In Spanish, Alegria simply means happiness, joy, gladness, contentment and satisfaction. Dance the Cha Cha is a Product of Alegria Dance Centre, Dance the Cha Cha and Dance itself promotes feelings of happiness & wellness. We hope that your experience with Dance the Cha Cha is nothing short of amazing!

Designed and Developed by Director of Alegria Dance Centre - Justin Moulton with the vision for people around the world to enjoy learning how to dance in the comfort of their own home. "I just wanted to speread the joy and happiness of dance! at a fraction of the cost of dance class, anyone can learn some amazing moves with no one watching!"
- 54 Video Tutorials - Comprehensive Written Theory - Cha Cha Music to Dance to - Leader's Foot Positions Displayed & Explained - Follower's Foot Positions Displayed & Explained - Technical Tips Displayed & Explained - Demonstrations to Music - 3 Basic Routines to learn as Leader & Follower
Alegria is Melbourne's Premier location to learn how to dance Latin, Ballroom, Salsa & New Vogue at either a Social, Medalist or Competitive level. If you are just taking your first steps into dance or if you're an experienced Dancesport Competitor, Alegria Dance Centre are qualified and excited to teach you the right way first. So come and join the fun, excitement and joy that Alegria's fantastic team provides through Dance! Visit Alegria Dance Centre

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Dance the Cha Cha is a Product of Alegria Dance Centre.